Tidy up!

After some time of using your shop, the database may grow huge.

That's why it's good to clean it up.

Data, that we recommend to delete regularly:

  • abandoned carts
  • page views statistics

But we also often perform some other chores.

For example friendly URL's regeneration. Especially if your shop is multi language, friendly links for categories and products may be out of sync. So it's good to regenerate the URL's.

Other example is assigning products to all parent categories. Sometimes shop when staff editing the offer assign products only to the deepest category. It causes the product to only be visible when the customer enters that category. This may be intentional, but if it's made by mistake, it's worth fixing.

Talking about categories, a common mistake is to set the defaul category incorrectly.,It usually should be the deepest category, because it describes the product best.That's why when we clean up the shop, we are able to set product's deepest category as default.

To prevent your shop's database to needlessly grow, it's worth to delete unused languages. If you havvea few languages installed "for the future" it causes produt descriptions to duplicate in the database (even for a language that is turned off).

How do we perform the above clean ups?

Of course - we have a dedicated module for it, and besides performing each task on demand, it allows to fully automate them.

But the good news is that youcan also use it to clean your shop on a daily basis - Prestashop Tidy Module

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Czym się zajmujemy?

Zajmujemy się tworzeniem modułów, szablonów, optymalizacją, a także kompletnymi wdrożeniami sklepów internetowych.

Sami prowadzimy własny sklep, dlatego możemy podpowiedzieć Ci co warto wdrożyć, aby uzyskać możliwie najlepsze rezultaty w handlu internetowym.


  • Tworzenie nowych modułów i szablonów
  • Integracje z hurtowniami
  • Dodatkowe funkcjonalności
  • Zmiany wyglądu
  • Naprawa błędów
Sklepy Internetowe GreenMouse


  • Audyt sklepów
  • Poprawa szybkości
  • Optymalizacja kodu
  • Poprawa funkcjonalności
  • Opieka nad sklepem