Performance Optimization

Prestashop powered shops often suffer from performance isses.

There are many causes of this, from poor server, incorrect configuration to buggy theme and improper use of modules.

To optimize Prestashop performance, we use:

  • Prestashop profiler
  • Google Page Speed test

What we most often do to cut the load time and achieve high Page Speed score?

  • we turn off unused modules
  • we limit modules only to pages where there are actually needed
  • we turn off some modules on mobile devices
  • we turn on the smarty cache (you may also consider turning on the "never recompile" option, but it may "freeze" some of the modules)
  • we turn on the CCC options
  • we adjust size and quality of images
  • when uploading banners we also take care of the proper size and quality
  • we implement additional caching modules
  • we fix the robots.txr file so it doesn't prevent Google bots from accessing important assets
  • we fix the theme, to move as many scripts as possible to the end of the page
  • we optimize theme's static images
  • we recommend tested and Prestashop optimized hosting solution

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Fast page load will not only help you rank higher in Google, but will also increase your conversion rate, your customers won't wait forever for the page to load!

Contact us if you want to profesionally optimize your shop!

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Czym się zajmujemy?

Zajmujemy się tworzeniem modułów, szablonów, optymalizacją, a także kompletnymi wdrożeniami sklepów internetowych.

Sami prowadzimy własny sklep, dlatego możemy podpowiedzieć Ci co warto wdrożyć, aby uzyskać możliwie najlepsze rezultaty w handlu internetowym.


  • Tworzenie nowych modułów i szablonów
  • Integracje z hurtowniami
  • Dodatkowe funkcjonalności
  • Zmiany wyglądu
  • Naprawa błędów
Sklepy Internetowe GreenMouse


  • Audyt sklepów
  • Poprawa szybkości
  • Optymalizacja kodu
  • Poprawa funkcjonalności
  • Opieka nad sklepem