SearchX - relevant search results

I would like to ask you to perform a small test on your shop. Please enter some more complex phrase in your search form (two or three words), and then after performing the search, order the results by price.

Did you get relevant search results? Are products that you see the ones that you would recommend to your customer in a direct conversation?

You probably see quite non relevant search results. If yes - read on!

By default, search mechanism in prestashop works in an OR mode. For every complex search phrase it outputs products for every word.

So searching for a "black dress" will show everything that is black along with everything that is a dress.

You may not see it as a problem ("the more products customer sees the better"), but think about it - seeing such irrelevant search result may lead your customer to a conclusion that your shop is not functioning correctly.

It's even worse if you don't have any black dresses in your shop. Instead of letting you customer know, you show him dozens of products.

This may confuse your customers and make them waste their time browsing pages of search results with non-relevant products.

But we have a solution - the SearchX module. It alters this mechanism (by an override), making it filter out any product that has no match for every word in a phrase.

No more hundreds of pages to browse, a "black dress" search will show only black dresses.

Performance boost

Filtering out non-relevant products on an early stage of the search process will also speed up your shop, it just won't need to output all that unnecessary data to your customers.

Our tests show that number of database queries during search drops even by half or more.

No more wasting your server's resources!


Check out some examples for a "white tshirt" phrase:

[standard results]

(You rather won't expect that searching for a "white tshirt" will give you dresses and black blouses)

[search results with SearchX enabled]

You can buy this module on Envato Market - [click here for more details]

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