Additional category description

SEO experts often advise to add a keyword rich description. But the longer the description, the more room on the page it takes, before the customer sees products.

That's why it's good to add this kind of a "SEO description" in some other place, for example at the bottom of the page.

It can be achieved with the following free modules, that add an additional field to the category form:

For prestashop 1.6

After installing the module, add a hook:

{hook h='displayCategorySecondDescription'}

in category.tpl:

For prestashop 1.7

After installing the module, add a call to a widget:

{widget name='gmcatseconddesc'}

in file templates/catalog/listing/product-list.tpl:

or any other spot where you would like to display the description.

Another way is to attach the module to any hook in the admin panel, it may be the left column, footer etc., the description will show only on the category page, and to avoid issues with duplicate content it won't show for pagination pages, whe the ?p parameter is greater than 1.

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