Speed up back office (for PS 1.6)

Sometimes, Prestashop back office may take some time to load, especially the modules section.

It's caused by the shop connecting to external services (like Prestashop addons), to get data about module updates, new offers etc.

Stopping this communication may give your back office a significant boost.

To achieve it, follow these steps:

1. Uninstall the "Gamification" module (also called "Merchant expertise")

2. If you are using the "Cron Tasks Manager" module to run some tasks, move them to the level of the server and uninstall this module (if the configuration of the module is empty, just uninstall it)

If you can't log in to the back office to unistall these modules, log in to your FTP server and change folder names of the modules (for example add an "xxx" prefix).

3. Add a special override to the Tools class (or install our free gmspeedup module):

4. Go to config/xml folder and delete all xml files from it.

And that's it! Now go to your modules section and check out the loading speed there :)

Speed up back office (for PS 1.7)

Follow points 1 and 2 from the PS 1.6 version description above.

In Prestashop 1.7, due to changes in the architecture, it is not possible to make an override to the Tools class and apply this change.

To disconnect from addons you need to go do classes/Tools.php file, find this line:

protected static $is_addons_up = true;
and change it to:
protected static $is_addons_up = false;

And also, delete default_country_modules_list.xml fle from the config/xml folder.

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